Wednesday, May 31, 2006

another year bites the dust

well i have made it to the big 52. am i suppose to feel different now? i feel the same. i kinda sorta maybe look the same. but that's all going to change. got my ass chewed out by my dr. told me if i didnt lose 15 lbs in 3 months he was gonna put me on insulin. MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that means no more dr. pepper, no more coke, not more m&ms and you know how i love my m&ms. and please....all diet drinks suck. diet cherry 7 up is doable as is sugar free tropicana orangeaid. but they aint coke and they aint dr pepper. oh and did i mention my "bad" cholestrol is way too high????? so now i'm on crestor. WHOOOPEEEEE getting old SUCKS in the worst way. that's fine. i'll lose the 15 lbs. hell maybe i'll get so carried away i'll lose 50 lbs or 60 lbs or 70 lbs or 80 lbs. maybe i'll look anorexic. who cares. i look like me and that's just fine with me. deal with it. we did walk tonight. that's a step in the right direction. gotta give him a gold star. he was ready, willing and able to walk with me and he did it most graciously. What a sweet man he is. My lifemate. My one true love. but i digress. i will get my ass looking like brin's and then i'll be happy. she has a very nice ass. i saw a picture so i know what i'm talking about. digital cameras are the ticket, right gf? so wish me luck and the next time i post i will be lighter if only because i am stark naked. teehee