Wednesday, January 04, 2006

let's all bitch a little

ok it's another sleepless night and i'm sitting here listening to various artists sing their hearts out. i'm not sure if the music is soothing me or depressing me. doesn't really matter anyways. i was reading the newspaper the other day about some guy who had a blog and lost his job because he put something about using drugs or something like that. i dont remember exactly what he did other than fuck up. Am I allowed to type that word? Or will the blogger patrol hunt me down and torture me? there's a thought..a blogger patrol. it's been a harrowing week around here. our son interviewed for another job about 3 miles from him home, verses the one he has now which is about an hr's drive. He got the job but will be bringing home less money. Actually, though, if one computes the gas, mileage on the car, the wear and tear, he will almost break even. I'm glad because he's already gotten 2 speeding tickets plus now he'll have 3 hrs back from less driving. funny thing too, he wasn't even looking for another job. he enjoys what he's doing. this other job just kinda came up unexpectedly. i worry about him driving all the time. that's a mother's job. to worry about her babies. carole are you hearing this?!?!?!?! but what really touched my heart was what he told his wife. He told her he wanted to be closer to home so that when they have children he'll have more time to be with them. So he is putting his family first not money. They offerred him a very hefty raise and he refused it. now maybe i'm stupid or crazy ok i am crazy, but i think that is the most beautiful thing he has done. family should always come first. the rest will work itself out one way or another. we both are so very proud of him. some day he and jessica will give us beautiful grandbabies. we're content now with the puppies. sighhhhhhhhhhh life is good.


Blogger Brinda Marcelle said...

Well, this post answers MY question about whether you were up before me or hadn't gone to bed! I go to bed..wake up at o'dark-hundred and can't go back to sleep. Then I prowl around wondering what I can do to put myself back to sleep. Usually, I head for the computer. Most times, that works. I really get bored playing games!!! Hope tonight's better for you Sweetie!

4:03 AM  
Blogger Carole said...

knock knock knock - anybody there?

6:31 PM  

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