Tuesday, November 08, 2005

it's a cruel world

i found out my address doesn't exist. i've lived here for 30 some years and yes the address changed a few years ago due to EMS and fire. But to find out my address doesn't exist is well...baffling. Fed-Ex said we don't have a valid address. If that's the case, why do I keep getting bills in the mail??????? Why is UPS able to find me????????? Something's doing something and it's scaring me. Fed Ex finally found me today. Now I can return that damn stone which, btw, looked like shit. I'm gonna email Hal and let him know my address doesn't exist. No doubt he'll get a hoot out of this. me, now I'd like to kick someone's ass but i'm more aggressive. Do you suppose it's my meds? Maybe I need to increase them.....that axe sure looks like fun....or the chainsaw.....or maybe the drill....decisions decisions decisions. what's a girl to do???????????


Blogger Brinda Marcelle said...

That's bizarre!!! Well, I guess one more thing can be added to that old addage: "Nothing's sure but death and taxes - add: AND bills will continue to be delivered".

11:22 AM  

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