Thursday, November 10, 2005


it's 5:15 am and i have yet to go to bed much less sleep. one of those fucking days. oh i allowed to say fuck here? whatever...sue me. i'm listening to my dead rocker singing and he inspires me. weird that a dead man has such a hold on me. i need to read some of sylvia browne's books and see if i can make contact with him. wouldn't that be a hoot. would probably scare color back into my hair. and that might be a good thing. brin, you need to listen to "the stairs". such a pretty song. it's gonna be a longggggggggggggggggggggggg day. oh, did i mention i added a 1000.00 plus check instead of subtracting it? talk about a major fuck up...geeezeeee i have got to get a grip. those kind of errors are costly. hopefully i'll get to the bank before the checks do. is it friday night yet? i'm ready for the weekend. it's been hot this week..upper 70s and 80s and tomorrow night it's suppose to get into the 30's. how novel. we may yet see winter weather. ok i'm outta here because my mood is getting worse and that means my mouth will get nastier. hehehe


Blogger Brinda Marcelle said...

So! It sounds like you went and got an INXS cd! And yes...he's very good! I can't believe he's no longer on this plane. So sad...

4:19 AM  

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