Saturday, October 22, 2005

well here i am again

i think it's finally time to admit me to a pysch ward....i mean how the hell can i be infatuated with a DEAD man?????? yep, i'm one sick cookie alright. eternally wild with power...mystifies me...but what the least it can't be considered cheating right? i mean after all....he's DEAD. but GODDDDDD i would have loved a go with him at least once, maybe twice or thrice....perhaps a weekend? there's something about him that makes me sweat...i'm obsessed....michael you are haunting me and no doubt laughing. i need you tonight because i'm not sleeping....i'm lonely i've got to let you know...


Blogger Brinda Marcelle said... could be WAY worse...I mean, you could be haunted by someone really evil! He was a hunk, for sure! That voice!

3:47 AM  

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