Wednesday, May 31, 2006

another year bites the dust

well i have made it to the big 52. am i suppose to feel different now? i feel the same. i kinda sorta maybe look the same. but that's all going to change. got my ass chewed out by my dr. told me if i didnt lose 15 lbs in 3 months he was gonna put me on insulin. MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that means no more dr. pepper, no more coke, not more m&ms and you know how i love my m&ms. and please....all diet drinks suck. diet cherry 7 up is doable as is sugar free tropicana orangeaid. but they aint coke and they aint dr pepper. oh and did i mention my "bad" cholestrol is way too high????? so now i'm on crestor. WHOOOPEEEEE getting old SUCKS in the worst way. that's fine. i'll lose the 15 lbs. hell maybe i'll get so carried away i'll lose 50 lbs or 60 lbs or 70 lbs or 80 lbs. maybe i'll look anorexic. who cares. i look like me and that's just fine with me. deal with it. we did walk tonight. that's a step in the right direction. gotta give him a gold star. he was ready, willing and able to walk with me and he did it most graciously. What a sweet man he is. My lifemate. My one true love. but i digress. i will get my ass looking like brin's and then i'll be happy. she has a very nice ass. i saw a picture so i know what i'm talking about. digital cameras are the ticket, right gf? so wish me luck and the next time i post i will be lighter if only because i am stark naked. teehee

Friday, April 07, 2006

wow that felt good

I mean like I feel better now! The only way I could feel better would be to bitch slap someone and since that isn't going to happen tonight, I am a happy camper. On the bright side, johnny will be home more nights. We'll have more time to do things we need to do at the house on weekends. As someone once told me...where one door closes another will open. I believe this. When I cost us one of our accounts, we survived and picked up an even better acct. Now that we've lost this account, we'll pick up one even more better. God has always looked out for us, so no worries. we will survive. >>>>singing I get knocked down but I get up again you're never gonna keep me down and that sums up my feelings quite well. Did any one of you hear on the news tonight about some substance in plastic that can cause a male baby's genitals to be small and no I am NOT making this up. Can you imagine when those little boys are grown and yell at their moms for using that plastic????????? I can hear it now....MOM!!!!!!! because of you I HAVE NO PENIS!!!!!!sighhhh what guilt trip that will be huh? WHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ps...carole see what you got started? how the hell do you shut me up now? huh? huh?

is anybody out there?

that's a good question. is anybody out there? please, define there. i am here, there and everywhere. well not really but it sure sounds good when the Beatles sing it. where have i been. it's been weeks, months since i've posted a blog on my blog. does this mean i have nothing to say? not really. does this mean i'm not in the mood to bitch? absolutely not. in fact, after this week, i'll be able to bitch for weeks. we've lost our biggest account. over 500 people have lost their jobs and this little itty bitty town i live in is going to reel from the economic impact. i know we'll be fine. we always bounce back one way or another. i am worried about some of those other people. the ones who are in their 50's and 60's. too young to take early retirement, if it's even offered to them. and i get really pissed. between clinton with his frikkin nafta and bush with his frikkin cafta, you can expect to see more and more factories closing in the good old usa and moving to china or mexico or some other Godforsaken country. i suppose we are all just plain fucking idiots, pardon my french. We are the ones who elected these people to congress, for our president....people to represent us, the usa citizen. WHAT THE FUCK WERE WE THINKING WHEN WE ELECTED THESE CRETINS????????????????????????????? Am I going to get in trouble for saying fuck here? so knock knock....who's one but a bunch of cattle rounded up in the herd by their elected officials.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

let's all bitch a little

ok it's another sleepless night and i'm sitting here listening to various artists sing their hearts out. i'm not sure if the music is soothing me or depressing me. doesn't really matter anyways. i was reading the newspaper the other day about some guy who had a blog and lost his job because he put something about using drugs or something like that. i dont remember exactly what he did other than fuck up. Am I allowed to type that word? Or will the blogger patrol hunt me down and torture me? there's a thought..a blogger patrol. it's been a harrowing week around here. our son interviewed for another job about 3 miles from him home, verses the one he has now which is about an hr's drive. He got the job but will be bringing home less money. Actually, though, if one computes the gas, mileage on the car, the wear and tear, he will almost break even. I'm glad because he's already gotten 2 speeding tickets plus now he'll have 3 hrs back from less driving. funny thing too, he wasn't even looking for another job. he enjoys what he's doing. this other job just kinda came up unexpectedly. i worry about him driving all the time. that's a mother's job. to worry about her babies. carole are you hearing this?!?!?!?! but what really touched my heart was what he told his wife. He told her he wanted to be closer to home so that when they have children he'll have more time to be with them. So he is putting his family first not money. They offerred him a very hefty raise and he refused it. now maybe i'm stupid or crazy ok i am crazy, but i think that is the most beautiful thing he has done. family should always come first. the rest will work itself out one way or another. we both are so very proud of him. some day he and jessica will give us beautiful grandbabies. we're content now with the puppies. sighhhhhhhhhhh life is good.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


i've just noticed that all my recent posts are all bitching about something. this has got to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! life is pretty good, i have m&ms and michael's singing. what more could i ask for? don't answer that.


it's 5:15 am and i have yet to go to bed much less sleep. one of those fucking days. oh i allowed to say fuck here? whatever...sue me. i'm listening to my dead rocker singing and he inspires me. weird that a dead man has such a hold on me. i need to read some of sylvia browne's books and see if i can make contact with him. wouldn't that be a hoot. would probably scare color back into my hair. and that might be a good thing. brin, you need to listen to "the stairs". such a pretty song. it's gonna be a longggggggggggggggggggggggg day. oh, did i mention i added a 1000.00 plus check instead of subtracting it? talk about a major fuck up...geeezeeee i have got to get a grip. those kind of errors are costly. hopefully i'll get to the bank before the checks do. is it friday night yet? i'm ready for the weekend. it's been hot this week..upper 70s and 80s and tomorrow night it's suppose to get into the 30's. how novel. we may yet see winter weather. ok i'm outta here because my mood is getting worse and that means my mouth will get nastier. hehehe

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

it's a cruel world

i found out my address doesn't exist. i've lived here for 30 some years and yes the address changed a few years ago due to EMS and fire. But to find out my address doesn't exist is well...baffling. Fed-Ex said we don't have a valid address. If that's the case, why do I keep getting bills in the mail??????? Why is UPS able to find me????????? Something's doing something and it's scaring me. Fed Ex finally found me today. Now I can return that damn stone which, btw, looked like shit. I'm gonna email Hal and let him know my address doesn't exist. No doubt he'll get a hoot out of this. me, now I'd like to kick someone's ass but i'm more aggressive. Do you suppose it's my meds? Maybe I need to increase them.....that axe sure looks like fun....or the chainsaw.....or maybe the drill....decisions decisions decisions. what's a girl to do???????????

Another day in the life of me

Hideeho world. Life is good. I'm still fantasizing about the dead rocker which means I'm one sick cookie but what the hell. My colonoscopy was normal this time and I don't go back for THAT for another 2 years which is damned great!!!!!! Now I'm in a twit over a stone (and no not a rolling stone). My birthstone is Alexandrite. I never realized how expensive the real deal is. My mission is to obtain one somehow (looking out in cyberland for a victim). Ok so no one wants to pay for it. FINE!!!!!!!! I will do it myself. My brother and his family from CA will be here for thanksgiving as will my brother and his wife in NC. I'll be cooking and I have to say I'm looking forward to it since last year at Thanksgiving I was recouping from colon surgery. What a difference a year can make. I have alot to be thankful for and believe me, I am. In the meantime for all you who read this, have a blessed Thanksgiving and spend time with your loved ones. Tata for now.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

well here i am again

i think it's finally time to admit me to a pysch ward....i mean how the hell can i be infatuated with a DEAD man?????? yep, i'm one sick cookie alright. eternally wild with power...mystifies me...but what the least it can't be considered cheating right? i mean after all....he's DEAD. but GODDDDDD i would have loved a go with him at least once, maybe twice or thrice....perhaps a weekend? there's something about him that makes me sweat...i'm obsessed....michael you are haunting me and no doubt laughing. i need you tonight because i'm not sleeping....i'm lonely i've got to let you know...

Friday, October 21, 2005


Ok I'm like pissed today. Last night or rather early this morning around 2:00 am AOL would not let me sign on...keep getting something about the network not responding. This lasted until sometime later this morning, like 12 pm. Dammit I was ready to BLOG last night but thanks to good old AOL, those bastards. I'm having a dilemma, I'm obessing about a dead rock star. Never even heard of the group until I saw them on TV and then did some history checking via the good old internet. Now this dead singer won't get out of my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He certainly mystifies me. I think he's goodlooking but dammit there are no good close up pictures of him. His voice is divine and I want him.....hell I have him....I'm haunted by his voice, his life and the tragic ending of his life. And I wonder, what in the hell could have been so wrong with his life that he would chose to end it and NO I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT KURT COBAIN or whatever the hell his name was. And so now it's friday and I'm ready to go home and I keep thinking about Tigger and how I murdered him. I know I did what was best for ME but was it the best for him????? It's irrelevant now since he's dead and buried. I will live with guilt over this for a long time. And Brin, what you sent was beautiful but right now I just can't get past the hurt and the pain. Ok so that's it in a handbag. Too much shit for a nutshell.